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Politicians Pay Witch Doctors To Win Election

Politicians Pay Witch Doctors To Win Election

Politicians are paying witch doctors thousands of dollars to garner supernatural support in upcoming elections.

And the witch doctors are murderously on the prowl to attain the ingredients needed to make the political lucky charms.

The ingredients? Skin and body parts ground from albinos living in neighboring Kenya, The UK Telegraph reported.

The Albino population, located near the border, are being urged to flee from the witch doctors who want to use their unique appearance to prepare devilish sorcery for their office-seeking employers in Tanzania.

More than 20,000 pigment afflicted Kenyans have been ordered to evacuate for fear that the occultists will kill them for the creation of electoral amulets.

Enock Jamenya, a 56 year-old albino, who was attacked by machete-wielding assailants, told Kenya's The Nation newspaper that they coveted his ear or hand to sell to witch doctors.

A full-size albino body is said to bring over $100,000 from the Tanzanian witch doctor constituency.

As the elections near, hundreds of witch doctors have been arrested on charges of necromancy on both sides of the border.

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