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Possible 'Wessie' Snake Skin Identified as Anaconda

Possible 'Wessie' Snake Skin Identified as Anaconda

DNA tests on the giant snake skin found in Maine last weekend, believed to be from the now-notorious cryptid 'Wessie,' indicate that it came from an anaconda!

The tale of the giant snake, seen by multiple witnesses throughout the summer in the Maine city of Westbrook, became an international story after the snake skin was discovered on August 20th.

Although the DNA findings shed some light on the nature of the snake skin, it appears that the test results raise more questions than answers.

"We do not know if the snakeskin was planted as a hoax or if it was actually left there by an anaconda," said Westbrook Police Chief Janine Roberts in a press release.

Presuming that the snake skin was not dropped at the scene by a prankster and Wessie truly is an anaconda, then evidence collected so far suggests that it is juvenile green anaconda around 8 to 9 feet long.

Since anacondas are not native to Maine, the mystery at hand becomes how Wessie arrived in its new hometown.

The prevailing theory seems to be that Wessie is an escaped pet and, since it is illegal to have an anaconda in Maine, the snake's owner will not step forward to claim the creature.

As to the what comes next, authorities are strategizing with animal experts on how to possibly locate and capture Wessie.

Should they fail to do so, one wildlife official expressed confidence that Wessie's days in Westbrook may be numbered nonetheless.

"We're not concerned, because we know it won't survive a Maine winter," Mark Latti told the Portland Press Herald.

Were this a horror film, that would be the good indication that Wessie will be appearing on Latti's doorstep sometime in the spring of 2017.

Source: Portland Press Herald / Cryptozoonews.com

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