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Post-Mortem X-Ray of JFK's Skull Was Faked!

Post-Mortem X-Ray of JFK's Skull Was Faked!

Startling new information about the official post-mortem X-ray of Pres. John Kennedy's skull may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of the assassination.

Theories that a "magic bullet" actually felled Kennedy fifty two years ago may now be confirmed – not because of what was found in the X-ray but what was missing!

"When President Kennedy was killed, he was killed in a fusillade of bullets," longtime JFK researcher Robert Morningstar told C2C.

"He was hit by many angles and his head was hit more than one time – three at least. In the process, a piece of bone was detached. It blew away.

"It was found by a man named Harper so it's called the Harper Fragment."

"Now when you compare the Harper Fragment with the purported X-rays of President Kennedy's used by the Warren Commission, there's no place you could fit the piece," he told George.

"You see a picture of the puzzle and you have a piece of the puzzle but you couldn't make them fit.

"There was an argument about where that piece of bone came from.

"To the experts in Dallas, they said it was occipital bone meaning it was from the back of the head. If it was a back of the head fragment, it meant a frontal shot.

"The experts from the Warren Commission contested that and said it was not occipital bone."

Citing radiologist Dr. David Mantick's study, which was initially published in peer journal Medical Research Archives, Morningstar said the exhaustive analysis confirmed that the Harper Fragment was indeed occipital bone.

"More importantly, why couldn't you find where the missing bone fit in to the X-ray?" Morningstar said.

"The X-rays had been doctored and photographically manipulated."

"They are hoaxes – frauds."

For the full compelling interview with Robert Morningstar click here.
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