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Pot-Smoking Ghost Hunters on Trial in England

Pot-Smoking Ghost Hunters on Trial in England

A group of self-proclaimed ghost hunters in England are on trial for allegedly causing thousands of dollars in damage to a historic church during an marijuana-fueled 'investigation.'

When busted by police at the site back in October, the young men told cops that had been smoking pot and scaring each other at the notoriously haunted St. Mary's Church in the English village of Clophill.

After authorities found no drugs in the group's possession, they were allowed to leave, but were arrested shortly thereafter when extensive damage to the building was discovered.

The faux ghost hunters claimed they had decided to investigate the church after being told by another spirit seeker that he had been punched in the face by a ghost at the location.

As to who caused the damage to the historic building, one of the defendants gave an answer that seems perfectly reasonable when considering the circumstances of their adventure.

Rather than blaming it on a ghost, he says that another member of their group, dubbed 'Simple Steve,' was behind the destruction, but he managed to escape before police had arrived.

Unfortunately for the young men on trial, Simple Steve remains at large and so they may have to pay for his chicanery.

Source: Bedfordshire On Sunday

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