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Pro-Clown Rally Quashed by Death Threats

The creepy clown craze has acquired a whole new layer of strangeness after the much-anticipated 'Clown Lives Matter' rally scheduled for today was cancelled due to death threats!

Conceived as a celebration of uncorrupted clowning, the gathering that was to be held in Tucson over the weekend has been called off by organizer Shelly Gutierrez.

Writing as her alter ego 'Nikki Sinn,' Gutierrez took to Facebook to announce the cancellation, saying "with the numerous death threats and harassment, it's sad to say we have canceled what was supposed to be a fun, peaceful walk."

The crestfallen clown promised that those behind the online bullying would be reported to authorities.

This latest turn of events in what some are calling a 'clown crisis' is a significant blow to professional performers who simply want to fill the world with mirth and merriment.

Our clown craze correspondent, investigative journalist Adam Gorightly, observed that "it's a sad day in America when we can't celebrate the great diversity and many positive contributions that the clown community has given us."

When asked if the onslaught of sightings could be orchestrated by some nefarious cabal, Gorightly ominously replied with an emphatic, "no one controls the clowns."

Source: ABC News

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