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Psychic Allegedly Swindles Scion

Psychic Allegedly Swindles Scion

A Colorado psychic has been arrested for allegedly acquiring over $200,000 from an heir to the Lacoste fashion fortune via a variety of nefarious means.

In an arrest warrant, Becky Ann Lee of Boulder, Colorado was described as the "spiritual adviser" to college student Victoria Lacoste.

During her tenure as Lacoste's psychic guru, authorities contend, the self-proclaimed clairvoyant convinced the young woman to purchase gold coins for use in rituals and then proceeded to sell them for profit.

Using warnings about "evil spirits" harming them if they do not continue their 'work,' Lee persuaded Lacoste to give her gift cards and other financial inducements as well.

Through her urging, Lee ultimately convinced Lacoste to lie to her family as to why she needed more money and to sign a contract allowing the 'psychic' to become her "life coach."

All told, the rogue tarot reader is accused of collecting around $250,000 from the relationship.

As to where the line is between 'buyer beware' and fraud, authorities conceded that it is a nebulous distinction.

"If you go to someone to read your palm or tarot cards, that's not illegal," Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett told the Longmont Times-Call, "if they start manipulating the relationship to mislead or take advantage, then it can lead to criminal charges."

Feel free to insert your own joke here about how the psychic should have seen it coming.

Source: Longmont Times-Call

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