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Psychic Enlisted to Help Find Missing Wife by Husband Who Killed Her!

Psychic Enlisted to Help Find Missing Wife by Husband Who Killed Her!

Psychic Gale St. John told C2C the incredible story of how she was enlisted by a man to help find his missing wife ... when he was the one who had killed her!

She recalled receiving an email from a man asking for her assistance in locating his wife.

Suddenly, she heard a loud, disembodied voice that said, "why would you want help finding your wife? You know where she is, you killed her."

After pondering how to handle the situation, she decided to play along with the man in the hopes of learning more about what happened and solving the case.

St. John eventually traveled to where he lived and conducted a search with him, which included the uneasy task of riding alone with the presumed murderer in his car.

During their interaction, she said, the man seemed "a little paranoid that I might really come through."

After he attempted to direct her on where to search, St. John eventually had to explain to him that the investigation is driven by her psychic intuitions.

"He was trying to look like he was proactive," she suggested, "it's a great coverup, I guess."

During the search, St. John eventually received a strong indication that there was evidence nearby.

While she looked around the area for clues, she noticed that the man was behaving nervously and feigned investigating the location.

"You could see visible stress signs," she said, "he wasn't really looking down at the ground and actively looking for anything."

The breakthrough came when St. John found the woman's cell phone on the ground, leading her to call the police for assistance.

"He's just sweating now, profusely," she recalled.

When the authorities arrived, St. John pulled them aside and asked them to keep an eye on the situation because she had begun to fear for her safety since she was sure the man had murdered his wife.

The next day, a police detective offered to help assist in the search and asked St. John to write down her impressions on the case and what authorities should investigate.

After only a few hours, the police found the woman's body in a location described by St. John, who had never been to the area before.

Six weeks later, the deceased woman's husband was arrested for her murder and is now serving life in prison.

Coast Insiders can hear the full interview with Gale St. John here.

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