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Psychic Skunk Search is a Success

Psychic Skunk Search is a Success

A self-proclaimed clairvoyant in England is being credited with correctly sensing the location of a lost pet skunk that has since been found.

Psychic Becky Willoughby had been enlisted by her friend, Sarah Harris, to help locate her pet skunk Dottie, who had run away during a camping trip in early July.

The 'pet medium' allegedly managed to connect with the creature and revealed that Dottie was located near a garden shed.

While the vision did not immediately yield results, giving skeptics plenty to snicker about, it would appear that Willoughby has gotten the last laugh.

Tipped off by someone who spotted Dottie in their yard, Harris ventured the person's property where she found the lost skunk hiding ... beneath a garden shed!

After somewhat of a struggle to coax the creature out of hiding, Harris managed to retrieve Dottie from the predicament and the two were reunited after the month-long ordeal.

And with that, Willoughby has earned a rather unique title in the already rather sensational world of psychic mediums as the first clairvoyant to have helped located a lost skunk.

Source: DevonLive

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