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Psychic's Cold Case Visions Cause Police Suspicion

Psychic's Cold Case Visions Cause Police Suspicion

An English psychic may be regretting his gift after revelations to police about recurring visions of a 1998 murder led to him possibly being considered a suspect in the case.

Tristan Rees contends that he has been the frequent recipient of visits from the late Linda Bryant, who was murdered seventeen years ago.

During these encounters, Bryant would show Rees her murder as it unfolded as well as her killer and his getaway vehicle.

These experiences were so vivid and unsettling that the psychic finally decided to tell police what he had 'seen' in the hopes of unburdening himself from Bryant's visits.

As luck would have it, the tactic seemed to work, because the encounters ceased shortly thereafter.

However, for Rees, a new nightmare began two years later when police suddenly showed up at his home requesting a DNA sample.

Rees speculates that his insights into the murder were so accurate that authorities now consider him a possible suspect in the case.

Having provided investigators with his DNA over six months ago and never hearing back from them, the well-intentioned psychic is terrified that he may end up facing charges for a crime he was merely trying to help solve.

Why he didn't foresee this turn of events is anyone's guess.

Source: The Mirror

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