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Puzzling 'Conspiracy Discs' Found in Wales

Puzzling 'Conspiracy Discs' Found in Wales

An anonymous conspiracy theorist in Wales has taken an odd approach to sharing their research by leaving file-filled computer discs in random public places.

Discovered in a phone booth and outside a warehouse in two different Welsh communities, the strange CDs were found stuffed inside envelopes that bore the message "please watch and ask questions."

Contained on the discs appear to be numerous video files detailing various conspiracies covering an array of different topics.

While standard conspiracy tropes such as 9/11 and NASA are featured in the catalog of files, there are also materials related to clandestine plots involving McDonald's and even David Bowie!

Clearly, based on the writing on the envelopes, the material was meant to be found rather than having been lost by an absent-minded researcher.

The decidedly 'old school' approach to alerting the world about nefarious conspiracies is particularly puzzling, since the person behind the discs could easily reach far more people by simply posting the information online.

To that end, the unorthodox tactic has already proven to be less than ideal for enlightening others as one person who found one of the perplexing packages confessed to not even looking at its contents.

The reason why was perfectly understandable and exposes a fatal flaw in the plan of whoever is planting the envelopes: their computer doesn't have a disc drive!

We suspect that, to the person planting the discs, this development will probably be seen as just another cog in a very vast conspiracy.

Source: Wales Online

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