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Puzzling Pit Discovered at Stonehenge

Puzzling Pit Discovered at Stonehenge

On the eve of the Winter Solstice which draws hundreds of visitors to Stonehenge, archaeologists have revealed a puzzling new discovery near the famed esoteric monument.

Researchers from the group Historic England say they have found a three-foot deep pit near Stonehenge that was allegedly carved using only red deer antlers.

Much like its famous neighbor, the pit was seemingly built with remarkable precision despite the rudimentary tools said to be used to create it.

Experts believe the pit was built to hold a massive wooden beam and say that a small trench connects the area to similar construction that was also designed for another huge post.

Given the landscape of the area, experts say that, when they were there, the giant posts would have been seen for miles.

However the purpose of these pillars has stumped researchers.

"A gateway? A boundary marker? A palisade? The truth is we just don't know," archaeologist Nick Snashall told The Guardian.

The discovery is derived from an extensive survey of the area surrounding Stonehenge that is part of the planning stages for a tunnel to replace a heavily trafficked road next to the monument.

Proving to be incredibly fruitful for researchers, the study has both yielded new finds, including a pair of burial spots and a mysterious square enclosure, and has debunked previous Stonehenge discoveries, such as a presumed burial mound that wasn't.

With a wealth of potential artifacts and insights still seemingly buried around Stonehenge, the construction of the tunnel will be closely overseen by historians and activists who wish to ensure the safety of anything which may be discovered when digging gets underway.

In light of the many discoveries still being made in and around the monument, it's likely that the tunnel will unearth even more mysterious finds in the future.

Source: The Guardian

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