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'Pyramid Tomb' Found in China

A construction project in a China yielded a surprising find as archaeologists uncovered a pyramid-shaped tomb believed to be thousands of years old.

Discovered in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, the remarkably well-built structure sits alongside a similar tomb that is cylindrical in shape.

Having just unearthed the ancient resting place, which may be 2,000 years old, researchers hope to decipher who may reside in the tomb and perhaps glean insights into their lives from clues that could be found in the relics.

The fact that such an interesting glimpse into the past had been hidden beneath their feet for all this time astounded residents in the area.

However, experts on the archeology of the region may be less impressed by the discovery as apparently such ancient, pyramid-shaped tombs are not entirely unique to the area.

Nonetheless, the intriguing find is pretty awe-inspiring, and makes one wonder what other oddities are buried in the ground and waiting to be found.

Source: Daily Mail

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