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Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved?

Pyramid of Giza Mystery Solved?

Archaeologists in Egypt may have solved one of history's most contentious debates: how the Great Pyramid of Giza was built.

To be detailed on a forthcoming documentary on British television, a team of researchers say that a newly-discovered piece of papyrus contains the answer to the longstanding mystery.

The ancient scroll was purportedly written by an official in charge of overseeing the construction of the legendary monument and details the process by which it was accomplished.

According to the account, workers managed to transport the massive blocks of limestone used to build the pyramid by shipping them along man-made waterways that connected the Nile River to the construction site.

What seems to strengthen the case that, indeed, this is how the materials were brought to the base of the pyramid are a pair of additional discoveries made by archaeologists.

One researcher believes that he has found evidence for the artificial waterway that has since been buried by desert sand, while another investigator has reassembled a 'ceremonial boat' that appears to match the one used by workers to transport the limestone for the pyramids.

Unfortunately, the first-hand insight from the proverbial pyramid foreman contains nary a word about any aliens helping with the project nor anything particularly mystical about the process.

That said, should the answer to how the pyramid was built be correct, it's a testament to how human ingenuity can find a way to solve seemingly insurmountable obstacles and that may be more uplifting than the fantastic theories put forward by conspiracy theorists.

Source: Daily Mail

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