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RIP Errol Bruce-Knapp

RIP Errol Bruce-Knapp

Canadian paranormal broadcaster Errol Bruce-Knapp passed away on August 11th at the age of 73. Knapp was born in Alexandria Egypt just after WWII and was a Canadian citizen.

In 1964, he was an announcer and DJ with Radio Caroline, one of the most popular British pirate stations of the era, broadcasting from ships moored off the coast to circumvent the restrictive laws of the time.

From the 1990s until shortly before his death, Knapp interviewed UFO and other paranormal researchers on his legendary program Strange Days…Indeed, based in Toronto.

He also founded and moderated an early online UFO discussion group which hosted debates and flame wars from some of the biggest names in ufology, and now survives on Facebook.

He will be remembered as a relentlessly positive and forward-thinking force in the paranormal community.

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