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Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Flood

Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Flood

As a massive storm flooded parts of New Zealand, a farmer went out to check his sheep and was stunned to see a number rabbits riding on the backs of the animals!

The remarkable creature connection occurred in a community known as Taieri Plains over the weekend.

Concerned about how his sheep were faring during the flooding, Ferg Horne ventured out into the storm and spotted something strange atop their backs.

Initially assuming that it was some kind of debris from the flood. the farmer soon realized, once he got close enough to see, that the out-of-place objects were rabbits.

"They must've jumped up onto their backs to get out of the flood," he told a newspaper, "they were as happy as can be those rabbits; they were warm and dry, snuggled up."

Sounding like someone who had spotted a UFO, Horne says that he snapped a picture of the odd scene because he feared that no one would believe him when he came home with such an amazing tale.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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