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Raccoon Busted Riding the Back of a Garbage Truck

While raccoons are notorious for scouring the trash for food, one creature in Virginia may have taken the tactic a bit too far by hitching a ride on a garbage truck!

The clever raccoon was spotted hanging onto the ladder of the vehicle by a reporter, who tweeted a photo of the odd scene.

If the animal's plan was to gain access to a treasure trove of trash at the truck's final destination, the creature's plan was unfortunately foiled once it had been seen.

After traveling another seven miles, the driver of the truck was eventually alerted to the 'hanger on' and the raccoon was subsequently removed from the back of the vehicle without incident.

With that, what likely sounded like a fantastic plan when it was hatched at 4 AM over a couple of shredded Hefty bags, the raccoon's strange journey came to end.

And, unfortunately for his fellow raccoons, they never got an answer as to if there truly is a mysterious and magical place filled to the brim with human's trash or if the long-told tale is merely a legend.

Source: ARLnow.com

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