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Radio Station Plays Only Dead Musicians

Radio Station Plays Only Dead Musicians

A new radio station has been launched with a macabre format in light of the ever-growing list of iconic musicians who are no longer with us.

Dubbed 'Radio Dead,' the station's playlist consists of only deceased singers and bands that have had members move on to the 'other side.'

The creator of the station, Steve Penk, conceived of the idea earlier this year after a string of legendary musicians passed away and he noticed that they only received brief recognition on contemporary radio.

While it may sound dark to dwell on only departed musicians, Penk told SkyNews that "I want listeners to enjoy and remember the incredible music these artists have left behind."

And by providing an outlet specifically showcasing those who are no longer with us, Penk believes he's helping to ensure their legacy endures.

In spite of that, it's a safe bet that most musicians would prefer to be left off the station's playlist rather than become Radio Dead's latest 'emerging artist.'

Source: SkyNews

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