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'Rapture Index' Tracks End Times Scenarios

'Rapture Index' Tracks End Times Scenarios

Coming on the heels of last week's advancement of the Doomsday Clock, another potential harbinger of End Times has been updated and its forecast is also fairly ominous.

The 'Rapture Index' is an assessment of 45 different factors which could be indicators that the Apocalypse may soon be upon us.

Areas of concern monitored by the index range from the mundane, such as unemployment and weather, to the spiritual, in the case of false prophets and Satanism.

Created by a man named Todd Strandberg in 1987, the Rapture Index is envisioned as a veritable Dow Jones of the End Times and have seen numerous upheavals and downturns over the years.

As January comes to a close, the index currently registers at a worrisome 183 with 225 thought to be the number at which all hell will literally break loose.

Strandberg stresses that the project does not claim to actually predict the rapture, but instead is more akin to a thermometer for those wondering how close we may be to the end of the world.

And while 183 is indeed rather close to the perilous peak of the index, the current reading is down from this past October when the meter hit its highest level ever at 189.

Nonetheless,considering the current chaos unfolding in the world today, one should not be surprised if the index begins to climb once again.

Should that happen, Strandberg says, it's like the Tribulation is underway and things are past the point of no return.

So if you're churchgoing neighbor suddenly disappears sometime in the not too distant future, maybe take gander at the Rapture Index to see if you should quickly start praying and hope for the best.

Source: Daily Mail

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