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Rare Black Fox Photographed in UK

Sightings of a remarkable black fox roaming the island of Portland in the UK were proven correct after a witness photographed the creature, but it's not quite the cryptid you might think.

Rather than an out-of-place animal that somehow found itself on the island, it turns out that the rare black fox is actually the pet of a Portland resident.

Freda, as she is known, belongs to a woman named Maddie Bates, who had turned to local media earlier this year when the fox ran away from home.

According to Bates, Freda has apparently taken a liking to freedom and continues to adventure around the island when the mood suits her.

The newfound attention afforded to Freda may have Bates a bit concerned as she expressed hope that her fellow denizens of the island will leave the black fox alone should they spot the 'celebrity creature.'

And it may not just be ill-advised selfies that Bates has to worry about as black foxes unfortunately carry some superstitious baggage from a number of cultures where they are considered bad luck.

For Freda's sake, we hope anyone who encounters her takes that into consideration and let's her explore in peace.

Source: Dorset Echo

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