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Reality TV Star Shares Strange Sasquatch Encounter

One of the stars of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives claims that she once encountered Bigfoot and spoke to the creature via telepathy!

During a taping of the program, Jackie Christie, wife of former NBA star Doug Christie, recounted the experience in vivid detail.

According to Christie, who grew up in the Pacific Northwest, the bizarre incident occurred when she, her best friend, and her mother were driving down the highway.

"All of a sudden, you just see this big giant shadow come up in front of the car," she recalled, "it's hairy and it looks right into the front window."

Sitting in the passenger seat, Christie says, she could see right into the creature's eyes and the two connected on some kind of psychic level.

"It just looked and for a moment, I know it knew me and I knew it," she mused.

Hoping to escape the experience unharmed, Christie told the program, "I said, 'from this day forth, I will never question your existence. Just let us go.' We spoke, like mentally."

The telepathic plea apparently worked as the group were allowed to proceed and subsequently stopped at the nearest phone booth to report the bizarre sighting.

"They said that was the 20th phone call they had gotten in the last five minutes," Christie alleged, "everyone was calling about this Sasquatch."

Although she says that her story has been met with skepticism whenever she shares it, Christie declared, "I know what I saw and he's there and he exists."

As with all anecdotal Bigfoot stories, the veracity of Christie's tale is largely a matter of personal opinion, but fortunately her experience did not end like the unfortunate driver in Idaho who purportedly crashed her car due to the creature.

Source: VH1

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