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Refugees in Sweden Think Their Shelter is Haunted!

Refugees in Sweden Think Their Shelter is Haunted!

A group of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Sweden are raising concerns about their current accommodations because they believe the building is haunted!

Over thirty of the migrants residing in the building have requested Swedish authorities relocate them to a new facility due to reports of flickering lights, strange sounds, and doors opening by themselves.

Officials contend that the spooky activity is merely caused by the old age of the building and not supernatural forces.

They also blame cultural differences and the language barrier with creating confusion surrounding the strange events experienced at the shelter.

Unfortunately for the frightened temporary residents of the potentially haunted house, authorities have no other places for them to stay, so they must continue to live in the unnerving location.

As such, the dismayed and displaced refugees must either get used to the ghostly activity in their new abode or hope that the spirits tormenting them seek asylum elsewhere.

Source: RT.com

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