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Remote Viewer Hacked Intelligence Agency

Remote Viewer Hacked Intelligence Agency

A highly gifted psychic using the technique of remote viewing claims to have actually hacked into an intelligence agency's top secret headquarters without being detected!

Remote viewing expert Paul Smith told C2C that one of his students using remote viewing targeted the clandestine headquarters of an "alphabet" agency and penetrated their security with ease.

A former member of the CIA's abandoned Stargate program, which tested the potential of psychics in military applications, Smith explained to C2C that remote viewing doesn't just involve the sense of sight but actually harnesses all the senses.

"It's part of the bigger domain that gets lumped together as ESP – Extra Sensory Perception but it's actually Remote Perception," he said. "You smell, see, taste, hear, touch the information that is coming in."

"Anyone can learn how to do this. You don't have to have a gift – you just have to be willing to learn."

Likening the practice to the study of martial arts, Smith said, "The more you understand about the basic principles of human perception, you can develop mental discipline and mental skills that you leverage to accomplish something."

Using remote viewing, he claimed, one can "perceive things that are shielded by distance, time or intervening obstacles – being able to project your consciousness out into the world, out into the universe in ways that mainstream science says is impossible."

Smith revealed that with rigorous training one of his RV students displayed a skill set that was extraordinary.

This superlative student "scared the snot out of me", he divulged, because of her uncanny ability to penetrate one of the nation's biggest "alphabet" agencies which was secured against any potential real-world incursions.

"I gave this person a target at one of the letter agencies. It was one of the headquarters of one of the three letter agencies. I won't say which one."

"And I gave her this target and she proceeded to just describe in detail what was going on inside the building in such terms that ten years ago would've gotten you thrown in jail," as a spy.

"Essentially, she was producing data that was sufficiently accurate that it would've got us in trouble if they had known we were doing it," Smith revealed.

"THAT was impressive."

For the full fascinating interview with Paul Smith click here.
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