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Report Reveals Bevy of Odd Items Taken by TSA

Report Reveals Bevy of Odd Items Taken by TSA

The Transportation Safety Administration has released their annual report on items confiscated by the agency at airports over the past year and some of the contraband are truly bewildering.

Aside from the expected red flags, the bizarre collection includes a replica Klingon weapon, ninja climbing claws, and a live Chihuahua.

On the more dangerous weapon front, the TSA announced that they confiscated a stunning 2,653 guns at airports in 2015 as well as a myriad of knives, some contained inside shoes or books and others hidden within canes or statues.

Grenades, samurai swords, and fireworks were among some of the other items that travelers somehow thought they could bring aboard an airplane.

Altogether, the report paints an odd picture of the sort of encounters TSA agents experience at airports throughout the country.

It's almost enough to make you a little less ornery next time you have to take your shoes off when going through security.

Source: Boston Globe

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