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Researcher Wants to Use Satellite to Spot UFOs

Researcher Wants to Use Satellite to Spot UFOs

A former UFO skeptic turned believer is proposing a new way to potentially unravel the mystery of unidentified flying objects and he wants your help on the project.

Previously dismissive of the concept of UFOs, Canadian Dave Cote changed his perspective on the phenomenon after witnessing a strange, soundless set of lights performing incredible feats in the sky.

Since then, he's been searching for answers to the UFO mystery and believes he may have come up with a novel approach to learning more about the enigma.

Cote has created a crowd sourcing campaign which hopes to raise enough funding to launch a small cube satellite into low-Earth orbit and then collect data on potential UFO events.

"There's very little actual scientific experimentation to study the phenomenon, so I thought, why don’t we try and do that," Cote told TechVibes.

In his announcement of the campaign, Cote stresses that the satellite would be controlled by independent investigators and thus would be free of potential government meddling with the data.

"We'll be measuring things like radiation, we’ll probably get infrared, we’ll get visual, maybe we’ll find things with the magnetic field or solar flares," he said to TechVibes, "If we actually capture something, like a craft of some kind, that will definitely raise some questions."

Cote estimates that the device would cost around $8,000, but he hopes for a total of $50,000 in order to have the best possible technology behind the project.

Having already raised about $13,000 with two weeks left to go, it seems likely that the launch will happen at some point in the future.

That is, of course, assuming that the 'powers that be' don't take down the UFO-seeking satellite in order to keep alien secrets under wraps.

Source: TechVibes

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