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Researchers Report Two More Crop Circles in UK

It would appear that last week's curious formations found in England were indeed the start of crop circle season as two more designs were documented this past week.

According to Crop Circle Connector, one of the formations was reported on April 22nd and features a remarkable design which depicts a three-dimensional cube with six "crescent moons" radiating outwards.

The crop circle is believed to be pointing towards a nearby Neolithic monument known as Avebury Ring.

An analysis by investigators noted that the crops did not appear to be crushed in a manner seen by pranksters using boards and that its location on the side of a steep hill is unusual for man-made formations.

The second formation reported this week was reported on April 26th and is quite different from the previous three that have been spotted so far this year.

This design is that of a large circle with 27 small circles lining the edge of the formation.

Crop circle researchers who have examined the site theorize that it may depict a solar eclipse and wonder if perhaps the design is connected to a 2007 formation found nearby that seemed to have a lunar theme.

This week's findings are an exciting development for crop circle enthusiasts as they suggest that the season is well underway and that the formations will be appearing fast and furious over the next few weeks and months.

Further insights and speculation into these formations can be found at the website Crop Circle Connector.

And, Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the perplexing Crop Circle phenomenon can check out our recent show featuring researcher Patty Greer.

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