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Rhino Horn Removal Reveals Amazing Heart Shape

Conservationists attempting a novel new approach to protecting rhinos made a startling discovery when they removed one creature's horn and noticed a heart shape in its core!

The diversionary tactic, aimed at dissuading poachers from killing rhinos by removing their horns before the nefarious criminals can claim them, was performed at South Africa's Kragga Kamma Game Park.

Veterinarian Wiliam Fowlds, who oversaw the horn removal mused that "we love our rhinos, but to save them we have to maim them."

During the de-horning, Fowlds and his team seem to have received a reciprocal message of love in the form of a perfectly-shaped heart found in the center of one rhino's horn.

While the origins of the anomaly are likely quite prosaic, we'd like to think that it's a sign from somewhere that animal lovers hoping to protect the majestic animals are on the right track.

Source: YouTube

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