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Road Through Skinwalker Ranch to Reopen

Road Through Skinwalker Ranch to Reopen

Infamous paranormal hotspot Skinwalker Ranch may soon see a slew of unwanted visitors as officials have ordered the property owners to reopen a road that runs through the site.

The Utah location became legendary in paranormal circles after tales of incredible strange events taking place at the ranch were detailed in the book Hunt for the Skinwalker.

Following the publication of the book, which was co-authored by C2C host George Knapp, the Skinwalker Ranch became besieged by curiosity seekers looking to encounter phantom wolves and UFOs.

In order to thwart trespassers, the owners of Skinwalker Ranch erected locked gates and concrete barriers on a road that crossed the property.

Although the closing of the public road was seemingly permitted for years, authorities in Uintah County, where the ranch resides, have now decided that it can no longer continue.

The county commission declared, on Halloween appropriately enough, that the owners of Skinwalker Ranch had to unlock the gates and remove the barriers from the road.

Following a four day period this week where the road was closed for repair, the previously forbidden path will be open to the public beginning this weekend.

However, the ability to drive through Skinwalker Ranch may be a fleeting opportunity as the owners are in the process of acquiring the necessary paperwork to have the road legally closed once and for all.

So anyone hoping to cross 'visit Skinwalker Ranch' off their bucket list had better act fast and, should you make the trip, be sure to stay inside your car, since the area remains private property and under tight security.

Coast Insiders who may not be able to journey to Skinwalker Ranch can still get an incredibly in-depth look at the site and many of the truly baffling events which took place there by checking out the 2/11/2007 edition of the program featuring Knapp and Kelleher discussing Hunt for the Skinwalker.

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Source: UBMedia

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