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Robot Boss Oversees Human Workers

Robot Boss Oversees Human Workers

A Japanese company has instituted a revolutionary new labor policy – employing an AI endowed robot manager that oversees human workers.

Hitachi has unleashed its artificially intelligent robot bosses in a number of unspecified warehouses in Japan. The company claims that the mechanized masters of business have increased human productivity by 8 percent.

The computerized systems allow the pseudo-HAL 9000s to analyze how the human workers best do their tasks, determining their failings and then suggest course correction. Unlike industrial heavy-lifting robot workers like those used in automotive plants and Amazon, these new Robo-Boss main-framers can deviate from programming. They actually can improvise alternate scenarios as work shifts change and weather patterns abruptly alter, Popular Science reported.

Hitachi's master plan is called kaizen, meaning "constant improvement". The electronics giant claims its "Robot-In-Charge" workflow was initiated to purportedly expand "human and AI cooperation."

Hitachi plans to license the AI work system to other markets in the near future.

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