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Rocks Rain Down on Village in India

Rocks Rain Down on Village in India

A bizarre incident involving rocks raining down from the sky has some residents wondering if something supernatural could be behind the strange event.

According to villagers, the 'rocky rain' occurred throughout the day on Monday as stones suddenly began falling from the air and hitting rooftops in the community.

The odd activity has caused somewhat of a panic to sweep through the village with attempts to find the source of the stone throwing proving to be futile.

Religious leaders in the community dubbed the event a 'divine outbreak' and began praying in the hopes that their actions would thwart whatever was causing the weird 'weather.'

Meanwhile, skeptical government officials who ventured to the village to investigate the situation soon became believers themselves when they also saw the stones falling from the sky.

While there very well may be a natural reason for the rocks to have falling from the sky, the phenomenon sounds eerily similar to cases of poltergeist activity.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is little that the villagers can do other than hope that Monday's 'rainfall' was an isolated incident and, if it wasn't, cover their heads the next time it happens.

Coast Insiders can learn more about poltergeists via the 6/6/2015 edition of the program featuring researcher and author Tony Healy talking about the infamous 'noisy ghosts.'

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Source: Sanjeevnitoday.com (via Google Translate)

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