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Roman Politican Proposes Using Cats to Stop Rats

Roman Politican Proposes Using Cats to Stop Rats

With the rat population in Rome increasing to an alarming level, one candidate for mayor has offered a novel solution: importing thousands of cats to the city.

In announcing his strange proposal, Antonio Razzi suggested enlisting a whopping 500,000 cats to help stop the rampant rise of rats throughout Rome.

The rodent problem has become an increasingly troublesome issue for Rome as the city's rat population is now believed to be around 6 million, which is double the number of humans living there.

Speaking to the Italian media, Razzi shared details of his concept, "I have already made plans to bring over the cats, which will deployed at strategic points throughout the city."

However, the aspiring politician may want to put some work into his public relation skills, since his answer for how to care for the cats may have rubbed some Roman residents the wrong way.

"They could live with Rome's lovely old cat ladies," Rizzi said, likely drawing the ire of more than a few potential voters.

Part of Rizzi's plan also includes subsidies for anyone willing to adopt one of the half million cats tasked with ridding Rome of the rodents.

How Rizzi intends to deal with what will likely be the city's overwhelming cat population once the rats have been thwarted remains to be seen.

Come election day, we'll find out whether his plan served to win over the voters of Rome or if Rizzi's mayoral aspirations are destined for the proverbial litter box.

Source: Daily Mail

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