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Roswell Saucer Thief Receives Harsh Punishment

One of the culprits behind last year's theft and destruction of an iconic flying saucer in Roswell received a particularly harsh punishment for the caper.

According to news station KRQE, the seventeen-year-old who was arrested and pled guilty to the crime was sentenced to a whopping one year in juvenile detention.

Despite the city's affinity for all things UFO related, some residents disagreed with decision.

"I would think that one year is too excessive," one Roswellian told KRQE, "I would think that a small fine would be appropriate and also maybe community service."

The surprisingly lengthy sentence may have been due to the flying saucer's status as a veritable landmark in the city.

Additionally, police say that the young man refused to reveal the identities of the two other people who helped him pull off the crime, suggesting that the teen has a bright future ahead of him as a part of the UFO cover up conspiracy.

Nonetheless, his failure to cooperate with authorities likely contributed to the teenager's lengthy stint in juvenile detention.

Considering that Roswell will be rife with UFO enthusiasts coming summer, one wonders why the young man wasn't ordered to clean up the city following the festivities as a form of community service.

Then again, that may have been seen as a cruel and unusual punishment.

Source: KRQE

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