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Roswellians Report ET Abductions

Roswellians Report ET Abductions

Having left their mark on the city nearly 70 years ago, nefarious aliens may still be visiting Roswell and it isn't to see the famed UFO museum.

A collection of reports from MUFON reveals that both residents and visitors to the historic UFO hotspot believe that aliens abducted them while they were there.

One experiencer told the group that, in 2015, a co-worker was taken for two hours and returned with some kind of implant in his head.

Another report from a year earlier concerned a parent who said their son had seen two gray aliens and now was plagued by nightmares of being abducted.

And an amazingly detailed account of a 1969 encounter tells the story of how a family was driving to Roswell, spotted a UFO, panicked, and somehow had over three hours of 'missing time.'

Considering the ugly incident which indelibly connected aliens to the city, it is a bit surprising to hear that some ETs have allegedly been returning to Roswell.

Presumably, the entities behind the infamous UFO crash would want to steer clear of Roswell out of either embarrassment or fear of being seen by alien enthusiasts.

Then again, perhaps the visitors are nostalgic aliens who see the city as a tourist destination for their species, much like it is for ours.

While the city would no doubt welcome them, we're guessing that they would prefer the aliens stick to the museum gift shop rather than taking home any humans.

Source: Express

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