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Rover Aims to Inspect Apollo Buggy

Rover Aims to Inspect Apollo Buggy

An ambitious plan to send a rover to inspect the Apollo 17 lunar buggy may dispel the infamous Moon Hoax Theory once and for all.

The endeavor is the brainchild of a German group, known as PT Scientists, who hope to win a $30 million dollar prize offered by Google for the first team to send a robot to the moon.

In order to claim the prize, the winner must not only land on the moon, but also travel 500 meters and send HD video back to Earth.

PT Scientists aim to accomplish the task by sending two rovers to the moon and landing them about 2 miles away from the Apollo 17 landing site and then driving over to the area to examine it.

Believe it or not, their rovers are not allowed to go any closer than 200 meters from the buggy because the Apollo landing areas have been declared historical sites even though they are on the moon.

The consortium of scientists say they have already made a deal with a launch company to send their rovers into space en route for the moon, although when that may happen remains unknown at this time.

Should the project prove successful, the group will not only garner the $30 million dollar prize, they will presumably capture new and fairly definitive proof that we really did go to the moon.

Then again, what if they fly all the way there and can't find anything?!

Coast Insiders can learn more about the notorious and highly controversial Moon Hoax Theory by checking out the 3/20/2009 edition of C2C featuring prominent proponent for the conspiracy theory, Bart Sibrel.

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Source: BBC News

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