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Runaway Tire Flies into Pharmacy

Security cameras in Turkey captured a rogue tire that somehow fell from a moving vehicle, careen into a pharmacy, and smash into two people.

The rather riveting footage shows the wheel barreling down the road from a distance and then bouncing off of a parked bicycle.

The collision causes the tire's path to pivot, sending it straight through the front door of a pharmacy as if it desperately needed to fill a prescription.

An awesome change in the video's perspective then reveals the fast-moving wheel come flying into the shop and hit two unsuspecting men sitting at a desk.

Fortunately, the tire only grazed the waiting room witnesses and ultimately came to rest on the lap of one of the stunned and bewildered men.

Were it not captured by a series of security cameras, one would be hard pressed to believe such a strange scene could unfold naturally, however it appears that is the case, much to the surprise of the store's owner.

"We are a pharmacy. We were waiting for patients," Abdulkadir Erdeve mused to Daily Sabah, "a wheel came instead. We're shocked."

Source: Daily Sabah

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