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Russia Revives the 'Nuke Train'

Taking an old school approach to modern warfare, the Russian military has developed a train that is designed to launch nuclear missiles.

Dubbed the 'Barguzin,' the project is a throwback to a similar weapons-delivery system created by the Soviet Union during the Cold War when they had 12 such 'nuke trains' at their disposal.

In an indication of growing geopolitical tensions, the Russian military decided last year to revive the missile-launching system after it had been scrapped about a decade ago.

According to the Russian military, tests of the Barguin's capability were sufficient enough to advance the project with the goal of adding the new 'nuke trains' to the country's arsenal by the end of the decade.

It is believed that the Barguzin will be capable of carrying up to six nuclear missiles that are equipped with four warheads each.

The decision to bring back the 'nuke train' no doubt raises concerns in eastern European countries who may find themselves targeted or threatened by the system.

Hopefully their fears will turn out to be unfounded and the Barguzin's ultimate claim to fame will simply be as a must-have replica for toy train collectors.

Source: Indepedent

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