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Russia Tried to Sell Trip to Moon for $200 Million

Russia Tried to Sell Trip to Moon for $200 Million

At a recent speaking engagement in Colorado Springs, billionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos revealed that the Russian space agency once tried to sell him a trip to the moon!

According to Bezos, the agency, known as Roscosmos, pitched to the billionaire a trip to the ISS in one of their Soyuz capsules for a mere $20 million dollars.

With the price tag for such a trip being practically nothing for Bezos, the Russians apparently upped the ante by offering an even more outlandish package.

They proposed that Bezos take part in a flyby of the moon and they would only charge him $200 million dollars for the experience.

Of course, the trip came with the caveat that no one has ever flown a Soyuz that far before, despite it being built to make such a journey.

When Bezos expressed concern about essentially being the test pilot for such a daring mission and having to pay an incredible sum of money for the privilege, the Russians responded with a puzzling negotiating tactic.

They agreed to first test the Soyuz to make sure it could actually perform the lunar flyby ... for an extra $400 million dollars.

Unfortunately for Roscosmos, it appears that their gambit failed as Bezos decided to start his own private space company rather than spend more than half a billion dollars on their potential one way ticket to the moon.

Assuming Bezos' story is true, the odd Russian offer may indicate that the country doesn't have much of a secret space program or else they'd have offered to take him to Mars for a billion.

Then again, maybe they did.

Source: Space.com

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