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Russia Unveils 'Death Ray' for Downing Drones

The Russian government has unveiled a worrisome new microwave weapon that is purportedly capable of disabling drones and missiles up to a half-mile away.

Showcased at a weapons expo for the Russian military, the monstrous machine uses directed energy to disrupt the electronics of enemy aircraft and render them inoperable.

It could also, theoretically, be used on people that posed a threat to the country either on the battlefield or in other arenas of war.

A spokesman for the company that developed the gun boasted to Sputnik News that "this is a completely new type of weapon that has no equals either in this country or anywhere else in the world."

Despite those claims, one suspects that the United States and other nations may have similar weapons in their arsenal but opt not to display them to the world in such a vainglorious fashion.

Additionally, those concerned about the weapon can take some solace in knowing that the device revealed by the Russians this week is actually far less powerful than they had originally planned.

When the nation announced the development of the weapon last year, military officials claimed that it would be able to hit targets up to six miles away.

With that in mind, let's hope that their current claims of a half-mile range for the device are equally hyperbolic statements and that the 'death ray' really only amounts to little more than a weaponized microwave oven.

Source: Daily Mail

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