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Russian Cop on Trial for Trying to Create a 'Zombie Army'

Russian Cop on Trial for Trying to Create a 'Zombie Army'

A former police officer in Russia is on trial for allegedly enacting a gruesome plan to create his own 'zombie army.'

Authorities say Arsen Bairambekov convinced four homeless men to meet him in a forest under the auspices of providing them with alcohol to help endure the harsh Russian winter.

However, it was all a ruse by Bairambekov, who murdered the men while performing what he believed to be an occult ritual at an altar which he had built in the woods.

The murderous 'magician' then buried the bodies with the intention of returning later to resurrect his victims as mindless zombies that would follow his command.

Either owing to a mistake in his spell or the fact that zombies are not real, Bairambekov's plan proved fruitless and ultimately led to his arrest.

The unsettling scheme may not be his first brush with the macabre, as Bairambekov is also charged with two other murders beyond the four homeless would-be zombies.

Incredibly, Russian media reports that Bairambekov somehow managed to negotiate a deal where he will only serve 12 years in prison if he is convicted of the crimes.

Although Bairambekov's bizarre zombie idea turned out to be a bust, he almost certainly succeeded in inspiring the plot of a future horror film.

Source: Daily Mail

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