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Russian Fisherman Snags Gruesome Creature

A Russian fisherman may be reconsidering his pescetarian ways after reeling in this bizarre and perplexing black fish from a river.

Measuring nearly eight inches long, the creature boasts the body of an eel, a set of sharp teeth, and a face that only a mother could love.

It was snagged from Russia's Kama River during a routine fishing trip using mere earth worms as bait.

The prevailing theory as to its nature is that the fish is a mutated fresh water 'Amur sleeper,' which, strangely enough, was popular in Russia as a pet in the 1940's.

Much like the classic tales of crocodiles in American sewers, it is suggested that the fish were released into the wild by overwhelmed pet owners which led to the monstrosity you see today.

As is usually the case with strange animals plucked from the Earth's waters, other observers beg to differ and argue that the fish is a mutated piranha or eel.

While we may never know exactly what the strange fish was, it's probably a safe bet that it tasted terrible.

And if you are wondering what a 'mutant piranha' eats, the answer is transparent mutant frogs, of course.

Source: Mirror

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