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Russian Tiger Returns for Revenge?

Russian Tiger Returns for Revenge?

In a strange story out of Siberia that sounds like the plot to a horror film, a wild tiger that once tormented a city has returned to the site one year later after traveling hundreds of miles across the country!

The weirdness began back in October of 2016 when a monstrous Siberian tiger was spotted roaming the streets of Vladivostok both during the day and night.

Although they called the creature 'Vladik' in honor of the city's name, residents were not particularly fond of the ferocious feline visitor and remained inside their homes for fear of encountering the beast.

The panic was so profound and the danger so real that Russian authorities were eventually forced to intervene, tracking down Vladik by way of a remarkably robust search using drones and other advanced equipment.

Upon being taken into custody, the 'terror of Vladivostok' was transported to a Russian national park more than 400 miles away and a sense of peace returned to the city.

Alas, like so many silver screen stories told in the past, Vladik wasn't finished with the city it briefly called home and set about revisiting the community that had turned their back on him.

The determined tiger managed to travel hundreds of miles across Russia and eventually arrived in the outskirts of Vladivostok on the anniversary of its original campaign of terror in the city.

During his journey, Vladik also slayed three Himalayan black bears either for sustenance or simply because they were standing in the way of the big cat's quest to get back to Vladivostok.

However, when he finally arrived at his destination, the tiger's tale took a twist as the creature merely lingered near Vladivostok, but opted not to enter the heart of the city.

Trackers watching his movements say that Vladik has since ventured away from the area, suggesting that it was either afraid of being captured or, in an ending we hope is the case, had forgiven the residents of Vladivostok as a result of life lessons learned along the way.

Source: The Telegraph

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