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Satanic Temple to Open HQ in Salem, Mass

Satanic Temple to Open HQ in Salem, Mass

A religious organization known as the Satanic Temple believes they have found the perfect location for their international headquarters: Salem, Massachusetts.

The group, which boasts 40,000 members throughout the country, chose Salem as the site for its headquarters due to the city's infamous 'witch trials' of the 1690's.

"The history of Salem is also part of the history of Satanism," group spokesman Lucien Greaves told the Boston Globe.

The Satanic Temple plans to use the location, which appropriately enough was once a large funeral home, for art shows, lectures, and film screenings.

Although one might suspect that residents would be uneasy with an international headquarters for Satanism coming to Salem, city officials say that they have received few complaints about the plan.

However, that may be because the proposed headquarters has only begun making news in the last few days.

Nonetheless, it's unlikely to cause too much of a stir in Salem, which has embraced its dark roots in modern times and is already the home to numerous psychics, tarot readers, and other practitioners of the esoteric arts.

For their part, Greaves stressed to the Globe that the Satanic Temple is "not going to be going door to door proselytizing" and that they "don't want to cause any controversy in the community in Salem."

So long as they don't start accusing people of being witches, they'll probably be just fine.

Source: Boston Globe

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