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'Saucy' Mystery Stumps Library

'Saucy' Mystery Stumps Library

The staff at a library in Ohio are baffled by a bizarre mystery surrounding a bevy of empty steak sauce bottles that have been found hidden throughout the building.

Since the first one was discovered in early January, an astounding 27 more bottles have been found behind books and among magazines at the Avon Lake Public Library.

As the curious pieces have accumulated over the last few weeks, employees have even begun competing to see who can find the next one.

Meanwhile, they're also trying to get to the bottom of the bottle mystery, as they have no idea who is leaving them at the library nor why.

The staff even went so far as to map out where the bottles had been located in an attempt to see if there was some kind of pattern or code involved, but the impromptu study yielded no clues.

Theories that they were rudimentary flasks or part of the geocaching craze also proved to be dead ends.

Based on the condition of the bottles, they appear to be the work of a clever prankster since the glass containers have been washed and their A.1. labels have also been removed.

The puzzle has proven to be so perplexing for the library that they finally went public with the mystery on their Facebook page last week in an attempt to see if any of their patrons might have an answer.

While there is no prize for solving the mystery, perhaps the library will reward the 'winner' with a steak dinner.

Source: The Chronicle

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