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'Scarecrow' Stalks Family in UK?

A mother and daughter walking their dog in a wooded area of England suspect that they may have been stalked by someone who resembled a scarecrow!

The strange near-encounter took place in a forest in the English county of Staffordshire when Elisa Brown says that she and the youngster were enjoying what they thought was the solitude of nature.

However, according to the mom, she suddenly heard what sounded like someone else walking in the woods and, chillingly, also heard a whispering man's voice.

At the time of the incident, Brown did not see anyone else in the forest around them, but was unnerved when she got home and looked at a video she had taken of her daughter during the walk.

In the eerie footage, there appears to be someone lurking behind her daughter as the duo walk down a path.

Unfortunately, the video is rather ambiguous, leaving viewers likely having to squint in order to spot what Brown believes to be a person in the background.

Although the mom describes the individual as looking like a scarecrow, a subsequent visit to the forest by the family found nothing of the sort in the area.

Having had similar strange experiences in the past, Brown proposed that perhaps this area of the woods possessed some kind paranormal element to it, since their dog repeatedly reacts strangely in that location.

However, skeptics will say that the mom's mind may have merely been playing tricks on her by way of otherwise prosaic sounds in the woods and pareidolia through her hard-to-decipher video.

Considering the proliferation of creepy clowns over the last year or so, let's hope they're correct, because adding unsettling scarecrows into the mix might be a bit too much for all of us to handle.

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Source: The Sun

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