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School Closes Due to 'Possessed' Students

School Closes Due to 'Possessed' Students

Administrators at a high school in the Philippines canceled classes for the day after students were reportedly possessed by evil spirits.

The bizarre episode began in the morning when a pair of girls started crying and said they were having trouble breathing.

Shortly thereafter, the mysterious condition spread to their classmates and then to other students in the school, ultimately afflicting nearly ten girls.

One skeptical girl who watched the scene unfold became a believer after she suddenly fell the floor and began shaking violently.

She was helped by her classmates, who had her drink holy water which had been brought to the school by a church official that had come to the school when the outbreak first began.

The girl later recalled how she had no memory of the incident other than feeling like she was going to pass out when she entered the room.

Chillingly, her younger sister claimed to have seen four spirits possess the troubled child during the incident.

The school's principal was reticent to outright blame demonic possession for the eerie events, but cancelled classes for the day in order to protect the children.

Fortunately, school was back in session the next day after a priest blessed the building and no further strange happenings have been reported.

Source: Cebu Daily News

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