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Scottish Police Stunned by Bizarre Poltergeist Case

Scottish Police Stunned by Bizarre Poltergeist Case

Responding to a call from a family allegedly plagued by a poltergeist, authorities in a Scottish town were stunned by the strange events they witnessed, including a levitating dog!

The strange case began after the fraught family experienced two days of bizarre and unexplained activity in their home and finally phoned police in a desperate bid for help.

Thinking they were being called for a domestic disturbance, the police were baffled when they saw incredible and seemingly supernatural events unfolding in the home.

Perhaps the most incredible incident from the visit was that the family's pet dog apparently levitated from the ground to the top of a seven-foot hedge!

Beyond that, the police also reportedly observed light flickering, an oven door opening and closing on its own, and clothes being thrown across a room.

Unfortunately, since there were technically no crimes being committed at the home, authorities were left with few options as to how to handle the strange occurrence.

Nonetheless, sources with the police department marveled to the media that the case has left veteran police officers flummoxed over the incredible events they witnessed.

Indicative of how seriously they perceived the case to be, the police eventually contacted the Catholic Church and enlisted a priest to come and bless the home in the hopes of banishing whatever spirit was causing the ruckus.

Whether the impromptu exorcism proves to be successful remains to be seen as the terrified family fled the home and appears to have no plans to return to the potentially poltergeist-ridden location.

For his sake, we really hope they remembered to take the family dog with them, lest he was left behind to be levitated once again.

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Source: Daily Record

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