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Sea Lion Snags Unsuspecting Girl

A hungry sea lion in British Columbia went from playful to predatory in the blink of an eye when it suddenly leapt out of the water and pulled a young girl back down with it!

The jaw-dropping moment was captured on film by a bystander who was marveling at the friendly nature of the creature lurking in the water at the popular tourist destination Steveston Fisherman Wharf in the B.C. city of Richmond.

However, things quickly turned terrifying as the sea lion spotted a little girl on the pier that apparently looked like easy prey.

After first rising out of the water to meet her face to face, which delighted the girl and her family, it then made a second approach that was far more troubling.

Seeing that the little girl had sat down right next to the water, the sea lion lunged at her, biting onto her dress and dragging into the water within a matter of seconds.

Fortunately, the girl was spared from harm when someone from her family immediately jumped into the water to save her and scare away the sea lion.

Aside from being soaking wet and, no doubt, traumatized by the unsettling attack, the little girl thankfully came out of the incident unharmed.

That said, we're guessing that this is one vacation memory that she'd rather forget.

Source: Vancouver Sun

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