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'Sea Monster' Washes Ashore in Philippines

Residents of an island in the Philippines were perturbed and puzzled when the enormous carcass of a mysterious creature suddenly washed ashore yesterday.

Images of the revolting blob were posted to social media by locals who marveled at the unexpected and clearly unlucky visitor to their island.

The prevailing theories for the creature's identity are either a sea cow, a whale, or some other large type of marine animal.

As to why the monstrosity wound up on the beach, some suspect that it may be related to a recent earthquake which struck the area and point to another series of strange events which they believe bolster that idea.

In addition to the 'monster' that appeared this week, several giant oarfish, which generally lurk deep in the ocean, also began appearing on beaches in the Philippines in the days before the earthquake hit.

Between the half-eaten shark earlier this week in Florida and now the odd blob spotted in the Philippines, Mother Nature seems to be serving up finds that rival the most amazing discoveries of metal detector enthusiasts who normally comb the beach.

Source: The Sun

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