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Search for Nazi 'Gold Train' Resumes in Poland

Search for Nazi 'Gold Train' Resumes in Poland

Undaunted by experts and academics that dismissed their alleged discovery, a pair of treasure hunters resumed their search for the legendary Nazi 'gold train' today in Poland.

Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter made headlines last August when they claimed to have found the fabled 'lost' Nazi train buried within a mountain in the Polish city of Walbrzych.

However the pair's findings were called into question by geologists from Krakow this past December after an independent investigation revealed no sign of the 'lost' train.

Nonetheless, Koper and Richter insisted that their evidence was solid and promised to continue searching the alleged train that legend says was filled with gold, stolen art, and riches pilfered by the Nazis during World War II.

And this week they made good on that promise by beginning an excavation of the area in Walbrzych where they believe the train is buried.

At a press conference from the site on Tuesday, a spokesman for the treasure hunters revealed that six different organizations examined the area using different types of radar and all of them found promising anomalies beneath the ground.

Altogether, these observations seem to indicate some kind of tunnel reminiscent of one used for a railroad, causing the treasure hunters to be even more convinced that they are on the right track.

"The results of the ground-penetrating radar examinations are very promising," the spokesman said, "it's so exciting and we count on success."

Whether the excavation meets their expectations should be known in a few days once the dig is complete.

Even if project fails to find the Nazi train, it can ironically be credited with producing riches, of sorts, as the city of Walbrzych has been inundated with treasure hunters and tourists since Koper and Richter announced their potential discovery last year.

With that in mind, we're guessing that the hotel and restaurant owners in Walbrzych are hoping that their city's newfound place as the epicenter of the longstanding mystery can continue well in the future regardless of what may be unearthed this week.

Source: CBC

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