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Search for Nazi Gold Train in Dispute

Search for Nazi Gold Train in Dispute

The search for a fabled Nazi train, allegedly filled with gold, stolen art, and other pilfered riches, took a strange twist on Tuesday as geologists and treasure hunters disagreed on the status of the investigation.

The latest chapter in the search for the legendary train began in August when treasure hunters Piotr Koper and Andreas Richter claimed to have discovered its precise location in Walbrzych, Poland.

However, at a press conference on Tuesday, geologists who searched the embankment where the elusive cache was said to be buried declared that "there is no train."

According to Prof Janusz Madej, a team of geologists combed the area using a variety of techniques to study the ground below and produced no evidence of a train hidden beneath the surface.

At the very same press conference, Koper and Richter expressed confusion over the scientists' findings and claimed that they had found new evidence which strengthens their case for the location of the train.

The treasure hunters did not reveal what this new evidence is, but said that it had been sent to Walbrzych city officials earlier this month.

With such a stark difference of opinion between the treasure hunters and the scientists, it appears the only solution to this mystery may simply be a shovel.

Source: The Guardian

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