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Separate Surveys Shed Light on 'Haunted Houses'

Separate Surveys Shed Light on 'Haunted Houses'

No doubt inspired by the Halloween season, a pair of recent surveys shed light on just how many people believe their home is haunted and other spooky insights about 'haunted houses.'

Compiled separately by the American website realtor.com and the UK insurance company Towergate, the two surveys both look at incidents and perceptions surrounding haunted houses in their respective countries.

Taken together, the studies provide a remarkable look at the experiences of both American and English homeowners with regards to ghostly activity.

In America, 35% of the people surveyed said that they believe they had lived in a haunted house, while 32% of their English counterparts reported experiencing some kind of paranormal phenomena in their homes.

In another similarity between the two cultures, both surveys revealed that around 61% of people thought graveyards were a bad omen when looking at a prospective home.

Other signs that Americans thought might indicate that a house is haunted included being over a century old, being near a battlefield, and an inexplicably low price for the home.

English respondents expressed concern if a house was situated near an undertaker or a "sinister-looking church."

Ironically, 12 percent of the respondents in England said they have moved out of a house that was haunted, while the same percentage of survey-takers said they'd pay full price for a haunted house rather than asking for a discount due to its paranormal reputation.

Clearly, these two groups of people need to find each other.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the strange relationship between home buying and haunted houses should check out the 8/30/2013 edition of the program featuring Roy Condrey, creator of the website DiedInHouse.com.

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Sources: Express / Realtor.com

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